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That's What We Need the Direct Democracy app

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Uncover Core Concerns about Politics.


Fed up with politics as usual? Let's focus on the issues, not the politicians. You'll be surprised by what we agree on.


TWWN is the Simplest and Most Effective Direct Democracy Tool in the World

(TWWN app is currently in initial development).

Anonymously Co-Create Consensus Solutions

  1. Tell “TWWN” (chatbot) what you care about or are upset about

  2. TWWN guides the private conversation to uncover root causes and find maximum consensus political solutions on single-subject topics across a supermajority (70% or more) of diverse users.

  3. TWWN generates recommendations and guides the group to finalize the political strategy (bills, amendments, legal, petitions, etc.) and execute decentralized and dynamically in real-time, all while you remain anonymous.


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Collectively Launch Optimal Political Strategy

  • Chat with the TWWN chat bot

    • Your info is anonymous and encrypted

    • The chat bot streamlines strategy co-creation​

    • How TWWN bot runs is transparent to all

  • Supermajority is easily able to: 

    • Auto-contact representatives​

    • Start petitions

    • Contact legal resources

    • Quickly gain support for joint bills

    • and more

Key Features Minimalist UI chat-driven interface Zero in-app interaction with other users All user data is anonymous for other users Randomized point-counterpoint dialog with TWWN-bot (group-think is eliminated) Data is encrypted (in transit and at rest) Rapid anonymous co-creation of strategies Easy-button-like decentralized execution among supermajority (auto-contact representatives, start petitions, etc.)
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